Monday, September 27, 2010

DBAD Farewell

Date: 13th August 2010 Place: Little Cottage 2

The Early Birds~ Hahaha...

This is CUTE!!! Haha...

Choon Yann & Zhen Lynn

Siew Fong & Nicole(birthday girl)

Chun Tean, Yi Ern, Wei Keat & Friend

LOL...Pose like models...

Shalini & Kent Tatt

Daniel & Meicy

8 of us...The only picture that 8 of us looked at the camera...

Cheryl, Me, Shu Pei, Chia Chia, Wei Poh

Wei Chuan & Meicy


Cheng Ying & Chai Chun

Cui Ling

Jian Hao

Cute Yi Ern & Meicy =)

Chun Tean

Zhen Lynn & Yen Yen

Wei Keat & Wei Keat =D

Sam & CK

Chun Tean, Wei Keat, Jit Wei, Ck, Jia Min

Chin Sing & Lim Yang

This is Nice XD

I dont know what pose is that -.-

Finally, 4 of us =p

Haha...I just select the photos randomly from my Picasa...
Finally I manage to share the photos here...LOL...

Time past really fast, two & a half years just past like that...
we already finished our diploma & everyone is walking towards different pathway...
Seriously, I feel happy to know you guys =D

Together We learn, we play & we grow =)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Need Help : )

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

To be continue =)

LOL...I edited these photos using the software for the first time...
It's not hard, but need to discover it step by step for the person who doesn't have any skills & experience...Haha :p

For your information, I don't have ANY "skills in art"; i don't know how to arrange them nicely =x
Hahaha...I've already tried my best... =D

Lots of photos for our DBAD farewell, so i will edit them & post it here ASAP