Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shanghai Expo 2010

Haha...I noticed that I didnt post up anything for my Shanghai Expo trip last year!
It's more than half a year already! Lol =D
This shows how lazy I am =x

While waiting at Penang International Airport...
By the time we changed flight @KL and spent hours waiting for the next flight, we reached Hangzhou at night!
and the first thing everybody thought was food!
So, the tour guide brought us to the nearest Mc'D for our Supper!

The next day,

I saw my favourite!!! Lol

We went to a park for a boat ride...

Group photo inside the boat...

forgot where is this place...

One of the temples...

You can shop till you drop at this street! =D

a random one~

while waiting for the others...

the next day at the expo,

the mascot!


Inside the pavilions:

Spot our shadows! XD

Columbia's stamp...

The Philippines



The next day,

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower

And bye bye to our tour guide =)

That's the end of the trip...
I post the photos without head and tail I know...Haha...
There are few hundreds photos actually, i just select them randomly... =x