Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Activities for the past few months:

Hehe...The grandma, the twins & the children~ 
Camping along the beach during Chinese New Year~
Bye bye ='( 
 Henderson Wave~
 Resting our legs after the walking marathon...
Universal Studio Singapore
 Meet up with Chien Yuan ^^
 Temple in Bali
 The so called-beautiful-beach-in-Bali
Serious sunburn after standing 15 minutes under the sun......

 Pizza + Origami Marathon...
 Farewell from colleagues =(
 Hehe...Colleagues in Black!
 My so called twins... =)
everyone is in Except KT... =x

 Spot what's Daniel holding! LOL
 Dinner at Yea Japanese Restaurant
 Taiping trip to visit the one without appendix...
Dessert at 沿海地带
Mini Gathering + Su Hoay's B'day celebration
Girls day out with Ai Theeng =p 
Swensens Gathering...
Jeremy's B'day celebration...

Hehe...That's what I've basically did in the past few months...
Oh yeah, i'm having study break now but i feel like the holiday mood is already on... =x