Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011 07 28

Oooppss...This week gonna end soon, which means presentations and assignments due dates are just around the corner! Noooooooooooo~
Lol...Looks like i got quite a number of enemies which I just realise today...
Another friend deleted me from Facebook!
Hmm...once again, i thought we are good friends...

Go go go! Jia you Jia you!

Friday, July 22, 2011

2011 07 2 2

Lol...I have been using the date as the title lately cause I'm lazy to think of the title... =D
my phone was out of service yesterday and people couldnt contact me at all; sad to know that it's because of the phone, not the sim card... ='(
Anyway, its back to normal again today I think...
Anyone wants to sponsor me a new one? :p

Hmm...To sign up for the course or not?!!!
It costs a lot, and I scared that I wont be using it in the future... *confusing*
I've been thinking it for weeks yet I still dont have the answer...
Hope that there's a machine for me to look what will I be in the future therefore i can decide it easily!
ohh noo=x

By the way, thanks mom, love ya

Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 07 18

Huhu...New semester starts today!
We got the time table last week, but due to previous experience, i knew that the time table mostly will change!
Haha...and it really changed this morning; from 2 days class changed to 3 days -.-
On the other hand, it's good too cause we dont have to be so tiring on every Monday... :p

And as usual, we got the assignments and presentations due dates at the first day of classssssss... =x
Gonna be busy soon! =(

Wednesday night, met with ex-colleagues at old town and we chit-chatted as usual :)
After that, I went to Genting with Yuan, Chean, Kitt and Farn...
Lol...I didnt expect that all our parents will agree to let us go, and after our parents' approval, Yuan started to book the hotel and buy the tickets... *Thank You* =D
Haha...and, few of them were not feeling well after we reached there...
Lack of rest & water I guess...
But overall, it was good!

Saturday, went out with miss Nora, Choon, manager and "narrow"...
we went for breakfast, drinks and laksa after that...
Lol...nice day with them but my face and mouth got sunburn! Hmm......

At night, attended Fione's Birthday Party with Meicy, Poh, Kitt and my sister...
we were living in our own world relaxingly...Hahaha...

Sunday Morning, went to Walk For Sight & Sound 2011@Youth Park...
the event let us know how's the feeling of being blind...
Yeah, it's not easy to do something without our eyes, a great experience that I had...

Good Night =)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2011 07 12

Hehe...Just a random update!
I hang out with friends quite often lately... $.$''' Lol XD
I stole some photos from Facebook and combined them together with some cute icons :D

My editing standard is only up to this plus I'm "artistic"... =x

Have a nice day =)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011 07 06

Oh yeah, I got my results already!
Not too bad and not that good as well?
Hmm...I dont feel happy or sad with it! I'm a weirdo...
but I think that's what I should get for the effort that I've put it :)
Few more semesters to go! Hehehe...

Pictures below were taken during my sister's convocation in April:

With grandparents at the park opposite Uncle's house...

with Leow Family~

Last but not least, three of us....


Monday, July 4, 2011

2 weeks left!

Class gonna start in 2 weeks time...
Happy or sad?
Hmm...both of them i guess...Happy cause i'm fighting with the time and gonna graduate after few more semesters and sad cause i got to face the stressful moments again...

Hah, no worries cause I'm strong :D

*rather than living in the world that full of surprises, i rather live in the world that is peaceful, happy and healthy :)