Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Disconnected from the world...

Haha...I feel that I'm far far away from many things, especially Facebook -.-
I got only limited update from people if I seldom sign in to Facebook...LOL...
So, Imagine how important Facebook is in our life... =P

Okay okay,
Below are some of the major events in the past few weeks:

-Department Treasure Hunt(as I mentioned before)
-Hern's & dad's Birthday
-Visited to an orphanage@Deepavali
-Cousin's wedding@Alor Star
-My Birthday =D
-KL Trip

More to come in this 2 months...LOL... =)

And so, today is not my day...
Scolded by someone; I cant accept it if it's not my fault!!! Arrgghhhh~



Thursday, November 11, 2010

Special Olympic Anyone?

Is anyone interested to be a volunteer on 27th of November(Saturday) of Special Olympic@9am to 2pm? (age 18&above)
Venue: Pacific
There will be 2 games: Bowling&Futsal

LOL...Lunch will be provided...
Tell me if you are interested ASAP =D
It's very easy, I'm sure everyone can do it!!!

Come on and lend a hand!!! =)

By the way, I won't be online so often this few months...
LOL...the main reason: I sleep really early after work...Hahaha...
Sms or call me if there's anything, it will be faster... =p

(will try to find some time to update this half dead blog) Haha...