Sunday, October 7, 2012

Summary of June-September

Henna by Emily (June) 
Parents Day Dinner~ (June)
Look who's cooking? (June)
Lol! My first try-(fried bihun)!>.<'''
Turns out kinda ugly but still acceptable!Hahaha
Cameron Trip =) (June)
Twins in the house~ The boy~
 Twins in the house~ The girl
Jasper in the house
0730 Birthday Celebration (July)
Koh Lipe (August-Raya Break)
Koh Lipe
He looks like being forced to take photo with me! LOL
FaceTime with the Boy~ 
Walk For Sight&Sound 2012
Meicy's Birthday Celebration (September)
Drying the clothes in the house because of the continuous rainy days...
The cutie pie~ (September) 
The killers (Oct)  

LOL...I'm getting lazier and lazier to update my blog...
I was thinking to stop blogging or maybe update few times a year! Hah! 0.0'''
Anyway, will try my best to update while I still have the semangat!... =)
***This is a nice Taiwan Drama! Watch it!!! ^^

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Activities for the past few months:

Hehe...The grandma, the twins & the children~ 
Camping along the beach during Chinese New Year~
Bye bye ='( 
 Henderson Wave~
 Resting our legs after the walking marathon...
Universal Studio Singapore
 Meet up with Chien Yuan ^^
 Temple in Bali
 The so called-beautiful-beach-in-Bali
Serious sunburn after standing 15 minutes under the sun......

 Pizza + Origami Marathon...
 Farewell from colleagues =(
 Hehe...Colleagues in Black!
 My so called twins... =)
everyone is in Except KT... =x

 Spot what's Daniel holding! LOL
 Dinner at Yea Japanese Restaurant
 Taiping trip to visit the one without appendix...
Dessert at 沿海地带
Mini Gathering + Su Hoay's B'day celebration
Girls day out with Ai Theeng =p 
Swensens Gathering...
Jeremy's B'day celebration...

Hehe...That's what I've basically did in the past few months...
Oh yeah, i'm having study break now but i feel like the holiday mood is already on... =x

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Funeral

Grandpa passed away on Jan 11, 2012. I was shocked to get mom's sms early in the morning!
Oh ya, usually the phone calls or sms in the middle of the night or early in the morning isnt something good! I mean, USUALLY!

*warning* Just in case you guys don't feel like seeing the photos, don't scroll down! =D
This shows how hardworking we are based on the colors!

Grandpa :)
Paper folding competition among the cousins!
The tissue specially for grandpa's mirror/glass! Lol
3 of us + Sze Yi

Miss the time when every cousins were around, sang some funny songs for grandpa and we even annoyed him until he don't feel like listening! Lol...we are just too annoying!
Rest in peace! You're always in our heart! =)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

First prize!

Hehe...guess what? I got a big present last few days...

My left leg is injured...
I was walking in one leg and people keep on staring at me like don't know what happened...

"I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that one of my biggest nerve in the body is injured-(my leg's nerve)"

Was shocked and scared to look for a doctor at first as it has been some time since i have visited to the clinics...
Anyway, we chose and decided to go to one of the clinics nearby and out of surprise, the doctor looks quite professional and nice...

I'm getting better now after consuming the medicine...Thanks for the ride and accompaniment girls!