Sunday, October 7, 2012

Summary of June-September

Henna by Emily (June) 
Parents Day Dinner~ (June)
Look who's cooking? (June)
Lol! My first try-(fried bihun)!>.<'''
Turns out kinda ugly but still acceptable!Hahaha
Cameron Trip =) (June)
Twins in the house~ The boy~
 Twins in the house~ The girl
Jasper in the house
0730 Birthday Celebration (July)
Koh Lipe (August-Raya Break)
Koh Lipe
He looks like being forced to take photo with me! LOL
FaceTime with the Boy~ 
Walk For Sight&Sound 2012
Meicy's Birthday Celebration (September)
Drying the clothes in the house because of the continuous rainy days...
The cutie pie~ (September) 
The killers (Oct)  

LOL...I'm getting lazier and lazier to update my blog...
I was thinking to stop blogging or maybe update few times a year! Hah! 0.0'''
Anyway, will try my best to update while I still have the semangat!... =)
***This is a nice Taiwan Drama! Watch it!!! ^^

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Activities for the past few months:

Hehe...The grandma, the twins & the children~ 
Camping along the beach during Chinese New Year~
Bye bye ='( 
 Henderson Wave~
 Resting our legs after the walking marathon...
Universal Studio Singapore
 Meet up with Chien Yuan ^^
 Temple in Bali
 The so called-beautiful-beach-in-Bali
Serious sunburn after standing 15 minutes under the sun......

 Pizza + Origami Marathon...
 Farewell from colleagues =(
 Hehe...Colleagues in Black!
 My so called twins... =)
everyone is in Except KT... =x

 Spot what's Daniel holding! LOL
 Dinner at Yea Japanese Restaurant
 Taiping trip to visit the one without appendix...
Dessert at 沿海地带
Mini Gathering + Su Hoay's B'day celebration
Girls day out with Ai Theeng =p 
Swensens Gathering...
Jeremy's B'day celebration...

Hehe...That's what I've basically did in the past few months...
Oh yeah, i'm having study break now but i feel like the holiday mood is already on... =x

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Funeral

Grandpa passed away on Jan 11, 2012. I was shocked to get mom's sms early in the morning!
Oh ya, usually the phone calls or sms in the middle of the night or early in the morning isnt something good! I mean, USUALLY!

*warning* Just in case you guys don't feel like seeing the photos, don't scroll down! =D
This shows how hardworking we are based on the colors!

Grandpa :)
Paper folding competition among the cousins!
The tissue specially for grandpa's mirror/glass! Lol
3 of us + Sze Yi

Miss the time when every cousins were around, sang some funny songs for grandpa and we even annoyed him until he don't feel like listening! Lol...we are just too annoying!
Rest in peace! You're always in our heart! =)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

First prize!

Hehe...guess what? I got a big present last few days...

My left leg is injured...
I was walking in one leg and people keep on staring at me like don't know what happened...

"I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that one of my biggest nerve in the body is injured-(my leg's nerve)"

Was shocked and scared to look for a doctor at first as it has been some time since i have visited to the clinics...
Anyway, we chose and decided to go to one of the clinics nearby and out of surprise, the doctor looks quite professional and nice...

I'm getting better now after consuming the medicine...Thanks for the ride and accompaniment girls!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hey hey,
It has been more than a month since i last blogged...
Busying with the work, activities, hang out with friends and family lately~
Shall update it when I'm free...

By the way, my birthday photos is already uploaded in Facebook...
Will find some time to blog about it too...

Stay Tuned =)
Merry Christmas anyway~ ^^

Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm officially 21~

Hahaha...It's kinda sad that I got to tell people I'm 21 now...
21 seems like an age that considered as an young adult, got to bear more responsibilities and so and so...

Hmm...One and a half month more to go and I'm gonna tell people I'm 22!
It's way too fast, that's why I dont really wanna tell people my age in the beginning of the year as I was like:"my birthday has just passed..." Hahaha... =P

Oh ya, I've started to work since last Tuesday...
Not really in the mood to start work as I was sick!
Sore throat, fever, flu and cough came one by one on Monday night...
Haha...Anyway, I'm fully recover now...

Okay, talk about working's not that bad, just that i saw many new faces in the company...Haha...But I dont really have any chances to know new friends yet...

Hehe...By the way, I met a few high school seniors in the company as well...
It's a small small world cause I even work in the same department with one of the seniors...
Hehe...She's a pretty and polite girl...Gonna have fun working together I guess...
Hang out quite often lately with the colleagues as well, enjoyed the time being together although i'm really really exhausted when it comes to my sleeping time...Haha... :)

Gonna continue my rubbish talk again next day...
I seldom logged in to Facebook and seldom online recently...Haha...Time not enough use...
I spent most of my time working and hang out with colleagues... >.<'''

Last but not least, thanks for all the preparations, wishes, presents and everything...
Love you guys =)
Gonna talk about the birthday thingy in another post~ =D

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I'm back from the interview... 0.0
People was wandering why do they need to interview me again; anyway some said they are just following the procedures...
The interview took around half an hour by a HR manager followed by a Finance manager...
They asked me some sort of personal questions instead of some formal questions...
I guess they dont know what to ask anymore since I already know what I should do...

Met a few cute colleagues when I was interviewed by the managers...Happy to see them again :)
Hmm...some people blamed/ said/... that I should have start working on 1st of November...
But hey, nobody called me okay?
Dont like the feeling of being blamed when I dont know anything at all (I havent received any call, havent done any interview, medical check up, I havent sign the contract......etc......)
Seriously, I was a little bit upset just now...

By the way, through the way that the managers talked to me, it was like I'm hired, but dont know when will I start working...
And, the most important thing is that, I dont have any proper cubicle or place to sit anymore =(
I will be sitting in a "special" place which I can see everyone easily...

Happy? Sad? Frustrated? Excited?
Nah, I dont know how to describe the feeling right now...

Friday, October 28, 2011


Hehe...I finished my exam already, but that doesnt sounds really happy to me cause......
I think I did not did well in the exams...but I already tried my best!
Anyway, hope that all of us will pass with flying colours as miracle do happen sometimes =x (pray hard~)

The best thing is that I dont have to face any exams & pressure in the coming months... =P
Play hard, sleep hard and eat less! -.-'''

Suppose to have a good sleep after the exam but I couldnt sleep last night!
maybe over worried for the results? Haiz... ='(
Everything will be clear after a month!!!

Hey Bangkok, hope that you're gonna be alright soon =)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Haha...I remember not long ago I told my friend that I was in the market,
then that friend straight away call me auntie... >.<'''

Yeah, I'm becoming more and more auntie already I guess... *arrggghhhh*
Dont know since when I will go to the market "at least" once a week....(fetch kakak to buy vege)
It has been years, but still I dont know about the price and the name of the vegetables...Hahaha...

By the way, I dont think people at this age will go to the market that often, or some maybe never went before! Hahaha!

Hmm...Maybe SOMETIMES or most of the time I behave and talk like an auntie...... Hahahaha! =D
That's why more and more people call me auntie recently, give face give face a bit mah, dont call me auntie leh...... =P
By the way, go to the market sounds very auntieeee meh? :(