Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's December Now!

Haha...I know everyone knows that it's December now -.-
LOL...for those who are still dreaming right now, please wake up & try to do SOMETHING meaningful this year before it ends!!!

Okay, the year 2010 is a meaningful year to me =)
-I finished my diploma this year...(it's meaningful to ME, at least I've completed one of the mission in my life...Lol)
-Travel with friends
-Had a special birthday celebration & surprises =)
-Started to work! (although it's just for few months)
-Lost, Back to normal, Lost, Back to normal, (F*****) & I dont know what will happen next...
-Etc etc etc~~~

To be continue =D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Disconnected from the world...

Haha...I feel that I'm far far away from many things, especially Facebook -.-
I got only limited update from people if I seldom sign in to Facebook...LOL...
So, Imagine how important Facebook is in our life... =P

Okay okay,
Below are some of the major events in the past few weeks:

-Department Treasure Hunt(as I mentioned before)
-Hern's & dad's Birthday
-Visited to an orphanage@Deepavali
-Cousin's wedding@Alor Star
-My Birthday =D
-KL Trip

More to come in this 2 months...LOL... =)

And so, today is not my day...
Scolded by someone; I cant accept it if it's not my fault!!! Arrgghhhh~



Thursday, November 11, 2010

Special Olympic Anyone?

Is anyone interested to be a volunteer on 27th of November(Saturday) of Special Olympic@9am to 2pm? (age 18&above)
Venue: Pacific
There will be 2 games: Bowling&Futsal

LOL...Lunch will be provided...
Tell me if you are interested ASAP =D
It's very easy, I'm sure everyone can do it!!!

Come on and lend a hand!!! =)

By the way, I won't be online so often this few months...
LOL...the main reason: I sleep really early after work...Hahaha...
Sms or call me if there's anything, it will be faster... =p

(will try to find some time to update this half dead blog) Haha...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guess Guess Guess

Haha...Can you guess which is me?
Guess & see...Haha

For your information, I was sitting in the front row, the forth from right...
(or the 2nd one from the teacher's right hand side)

*spot the fair boy behind me who was smiling happily...Haha...so cute...

It's a bit blur i know... -.-
This photo was taken when I was standard one...
I copy it from my friend's place >.<

haha...I can't even recognize myself until my friend told me that was me...
LOL...My hair still looks the same... =D

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hmm...Everything is going on smoothly... =)

Haha...Last friday my department had a meeting; during the meeting the senior manager of our department briefly talked about the upcoming events...
And, newbies got to introduce ourselves...LOL...
And so, I told them my name(so lame) Haha...Then they will ask questions like, age, status...etc... =D

Oh ya, I'm working in Finance Department, it's divided into costing & accounting and I'm under accounting...
My department consists of 18 people including the managers...
And, I'm under my "sifu"...LOL...She teaches me everything and she assigns jobs for me to do...
The uncle who sits beside me is the one who will say Hi & Bye with me everyday =)
He's cute & nice =D

Coming Friday there's a our department will be having a treasure hunt...Haha...
Currently I don't know what will I be YET -.-
Cause I'm currently under "Reserve" Outsider...Haha...


This is my desk =p
Ignore my messy desk...Haha
No matter how big is my desk, it's full...LOL
(it means that my work load is ............)

This is also my desk, side desk...Haha...
And below is the cupboard...(to keep our bags, files, & whatever things) LOL...

Okay, I shall stop for today =D
Be Happy =)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3rd day of work

Hehehe...Today is my third day of work...
Lol...since the first day, I've started to learn & do quite a lot of things...
Basically, there's no time for me to day-dream like what I'd usually do >.<
working is tiring to me; I need time to get used to it xp

Haha, I've started to like the time '12pm' cause it's our lunch break, but we only got half an hour break~
Hmm...I feel that the time after our lunch break past faster than the morning...
(This is my own feeling...Haha...maybe only weirdo will think like that...)

During the first day of work, one of the staff from HR brought me around the office to introduce me from department to department...
After that we visited the production areas to view the processes of processing the cars...From place to place, describe this & that & almost everything...Haha...

After visited the production areas, then only she brought me to the office, then to my department...Haha...Then, "shake hand shake hand" time...
I couldn't remember everyone's name in my department YET...

Okay, today I went for orientation...Hahaha...
Dont siao siao, got orientation one you know...
It took few hours time...
And after that, continue work work & work...

Last but not least, thanks to my colleagues to bring me to the canteen & they looked after me from time to time... =)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Work Work Work =)

Hmm...I suppose to go for another interview later...
But but but,
The company that I've interviewed last Friday called me & they gonna hire me!!!
Hahaha...Happy? Excited? ???
I don't know either... >.<

Anyway, I'm gonna start work next Monday...
Good luck to me =)
Hope that i can do well... =p

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanks for the luck :)

Hmm...actually I went for an interview this afternoon... :x
The first interview in my life...
I felt nervous of course...
Two interviewer interviewed me, but it's not that VERY VERY FORMAL type, cause I'm gonna work for few months only as I'll be continuing my degree next year...

I answered badly during the interview; I speak poor English as well... =(
with the stupid answers that I gave & with my poor maths............*speechless*

LOL...I don't know I'm successful or not right now; waiting for their call...

***Always look on the brighter side, if I'm successful, I'll be working at there for the next few months; if fail, then I will still be going on with the rest of my plans...

Cheer =)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wish Me Luck :D


Will post the answer of why do i need the luck tomorrow, so wish me luck first :)

Good Luck Jo Shi =)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fire burning !

OH MY GOD! I Will not step in to the shop again !
Regret !!! Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Can I ?

Can I have healthy hair ?
so that i don't have to cut them so often unlike the people with healthy hair & so they can grow longer & longer (people always said that: hmm...why is the length of your hair is always the same?)

For your information, rambut saya ada panjang mia!!! Just that I always cut them inch by inch due to the split ends...
Why split ends? Why ? Why ? Why ?
I want them to grow healthily :(
Sad sad sad =(

Can I don't so tam jiak?
I always have good appetite~
I don't know why too...I can't say no to food easily (except that i'm really sick or down) LOL... XD

And sometimes, I EAT LIKE A GIANT >.<
Eat like a giant means eat a lot, really a lot that type...(once in a while lah, not everyday of course) Haha...

Can I have good digestive system?
Lol...When people around me got food poisoning, My stomach Boh Rasa at all...Haha...(this is not so good)
I hope to have a normal stomach/digestive system...

Sometimes, i feel that my stomach is as hard as a rock =.='''
This is a bit out of topic, figure it yourself =D

Can I don't gain weight/fats easily?
Okay, my face is the most obvious part that I can see easily when I'm gaining weight...
I know i don't have a sharp face...Haha...(or should I say my face is always round) but when I'm gaining weight my face turn to be A BALL...HahaHa...

I think gain weight & digestive system is closely linked to each other...That's Why!!!

Can I be more & more & more hardworking?
In other words, don't be lazy... =x
This is my Weakness...
I know you know she knows he knows & everybody knows about it!


There is still a lot of Can I........................
I wish to continue to type some more...Hahaha...
When everyone comes to Can I this question, everyone can type thousand of words about it easily...

This is what we called HUMAN!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Back from KL =)

Went down to Jiu jiu's place during the weekend to visit grandpa...
He's weak now, but i guess he's happy to see all of us =)

And, we went to Klang yesterday morning for his favourite food~!!! Bak Kut Teh =D
He's Happy for that & he managed to finish a plate of rice on his own...Great! Haha...


Monday, September 27, 2010

DBAD Farewell

Date: 13th August 2010 Place: Little Cottage 2

The Early Birds~ Hahaha...

This is CUTE!!! Haha...

Choon Yann & Zhen Lynn

Siew Fong & Nicole(birthday girl)

Chun Tean, Yi Ern, Wei Keat & Friend

LOL...Pose like models...

Shalini & Kent Tatt

Daniel & Meicy

8 of us...The only picture that 8 of us looked at the camera...

Cheryl, Me, Shu Pei, Chia Chia, Wei Poh

Wei Chuan & Meicy


Cheng Ying & Chai Chun

Cui Ling

Jian Hao

Cute Yi Ern & Meicy =)

Chun Tean

Zhen Lynn & Yen Yen

Wei Keat & Wei Keat =D

Sam & CK

Chun Tean, Wei Keat, Jit Wei, Ck, Jia Min

Chin Sing & Lim Yang

This is Nice XD

I dont know what pose is that -.-

Finally, 4 of us =p

Haha...I just select the photos randomly from my Picasa...
Finally I manage to share the photos here...LOL...

Time past really fast, two & a half years just past like that...
we already finished our diploma & everyone is walking towards different pathway...
Seriously, I feel happy to know you guys =D

Together We learn, we play & we grow =)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Need Help : )

Survey Participants Needed!!!

18-21 years old?

You're WANTED! Please help complete the survey here: Click

Thank you so much =)

*Don't worry, it won't takes long time & it's easy to do :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

To be continue =)

LOL...I edited these photos using the software for the first time...
It's not hard, but need to discover it step by step for the person who doesn't have any skills & experience...Haha :p

For your information, I don't have ANY "skills in art"; i don't know how to arrange them nicely =x
Hahaha...I've already tried my best... =D

Lots of photos for our DBAD farewell, so i will edit them & post it here ASAP