Monday, February 28, 2011

Colleagues; sweet memories of mine =)

Photos taken on my last day of work~

Haha...Lazy enough to edit them, so just combine the photos together =)

Last day of February & My first day of class

2 months just past like that :(
10 more months left and we shall welcome 2012...
Time past faster as we grow older? I think so~ ='(

I remembered the first day of my previous semesters was kinda Relax...
Although today is the first day of the class, the pressure is already there... =x
Same college, same environment, new & unfamiliar faces, new course mates, new lecturers & new system...

2 more years to go :)

Lots of emo taught to share, shall stop myself now before everybody is influenced by me... x.x

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Things changed, people changed, and so do my blog layout : )
I know this font is kinda hard to read, but it's nice =D

Class gonna start SOON!!! =x
And Chinese New Year gonna end tomorrow...

Time FLIES... ='(