Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Emo emo please go away =x

Hmm...Emo became one of my friend since the class starts...
This week is already week 5, that means 7 weeks to go then final then holiday!!!
Yeah, time past kinda fast, but I'm still getting used to my life in degree!
It's like we have to be very very independent for everything...
And i dont really familiar with all the systems YET!
That's why emo is so friend with me nowadays -.-
I dont want!!!
Happy happy please come and emo emo please go away :x

Okay, i just found out something that's disappointing me too...
Someone deleted/removed me in facebook as friend and i just realised!
I thought we're good friends? =x
maybe i'm the one who taught that way only... =(

Some photos to share :)

Love this! Everyone is showing their teeth! =)



Yuan and Thee Chean

And Eng Kit's back!
He refused to take picture with us although we mumbled him for few hours!

we were trying to be s*xy on the following pictures!

Lol! We know we failed anyway =D
Nevermind, Nice try! Hahahahaha


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


本来还蛮满意这个学期的时间表,哪知今天时间表有了变动!!! =(

I used to sleep easily every night, but things change these few days...
It's not a good sign! :'(