Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cut or Keep my bangs?

Hmm...I'm still wondering should i cut or keep my bangs...
Everytime when it comes to this length i will try not to cut it, however, I'll cut it in the end as i feel irritating sometimes as it's uncomfortable when it's not long not short...Lol...
Haha...Trying my best to keep it long this time although it's irritating... x.x

The chicken pox scars at my forehead made me feel like, urrgghh it's so ugly to show out my forehead...Haha...Will try my best to ignore and overcome it!

The hair is kinda messy recently... >.<

Let's see how long I can keep the bangs =)


Time flies, really, I'm now in the 6th week of the semester...
next week we will be having public holidays so the 7th week is gone just like this...
after that, will be the 8th week of the semester then the following week is our tuition free week which we supposed dont have any class; anyway a subject's visiting lecturer is coming on that week so we got to attend 3 days class for the subject...

After that we left few more weeks to the final!
it's like: Wow! So fast that we gonna end this semester already?!
For me, it's a little bit too fast yet i feel happy that i'm gonna have a 4 months break soon!
Yeah, 4 Months! I should start to look for jobs soon!


Friday, August 19, 2011

2011 08 19

Hello! I'm happy that we've already settled 3 assignments that due this week! *laugh out loud*
but hey, there're more to come! >.<'''
thanks to the assignments I sleep kinda late recently...
Yeah, and I can fall asleep at 8 something if I slept late at the night before!
This is not so good! hahaha...

The one week Raya break is getting nearer and nearer!!! *shout* Hahaha...
Anyway, i'm attending a course during the holiday!
Hope that i can absorb as much as possible so that I can make full use of it in the future! :D

I was thinking that am I still growing? Lol...
Yeah, I ate a lot recently like how I did when I was in primary school!
Jo Shi, Control yourself please!!! =x
Oh ya, just for laugh...I think i've grown taller already! dont know is it true or not, but i felt so! -.-

Thursday, August 11, 2011

♥ is in the air

Hehe...This year is a good year I suppose! Lol
Part of my friends already met their Mr&Mrs Right! And some even went from single to in a relationship !

Yeah...Congratulations and stay sweet always =)
***but dont forget bout me okay? :p

Haha...dont get me wrong! I write for the sake of feel like writing because I feel happy for them!

For those who are still single, just enjoy being single and wait for you Mr/Mrs Right to appear! :)

Replay :)

I like both Jam and Butter but i dislike traffic jam :(
Monday morning the bridge was jam like ...... (dont know how to describe)
It's kinda horrible that I started to stuck from my own Taman!
The entire road towards Prai Industrial Area was stuck and the vehicles can hardly move, in the end, I used the other road to get out of the jam...
By the way, it took me an hour to finish the road that I supposed to finish them in few minutes time...
Yeah, ended up I late for class for 45 mins... =x

Along the road, it reminds me during my Diploma's 2nd Semester when i car pooled with Meicy, Daniel and Yao Lin...
Yao Lin & Daniel are the professional drivers...
we wont be late for class if they fetch us! Hahaha...

Oh ya, i suddenly recall that after Daniel went to Nilai last year, he told me that his license was dead like around a year?!
I was like, OH NO! You still drive us crazily to everywhere and luckily he didnt block by the policeman during that period!

Yesterday night suddenly I received Meicy's call and I went to meet up with them!
it's been a few months since we hang up like this...
Miss those moments that we spent and doing funny & crazy things in Diploma :D

I stole this picture from Meicy's place =p
Chia Keat, Daniel, Me, Meicy & Yao Lin

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How do you spend your time?

Haha...When i was taking my lunch, I was thinking that how did I spend my time everyday -.-

Weekends-48 hours, sleep, eat, toilet, family & friends, tv...
Then it's gone just like this...

Let's say:
I sleep 12 hours per dayx5=60hours gone!

then left another 60 hours,
-Eat 5 hours
-Toilet 5 hours
-College 12 hours
-Time taken to travel to college 6 hours
-Piano lesson 3 hours

Left 29 hours which i use to online, assignments, watch tv, hang out with friends...etc etc...