Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time heals?

We share because we care,
We care because we love?

It's somehow related right? Haha...
What if you wanted to share with someone but the person doesnt want to share and care?

Hehe...just some random thoughts that came across my mind...
Things are complicated than what I've expected...
Hopefully things will be alright so that everyone will be happy ^^
Time heals? Heh, hopefully it does!

Things that not meant to be yours wont be yours, if it does, it will be yours no matter how...Right? :]

*Hope that grandpa and Choon will recover soon =)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Milk =x

Guess what, I've bought a packet of milk just now...Lol...
What so big deal about the milk right? Haha...
It's because I'm a weirdo that dont like the taste of the milk since I was very very small!

Years back, I've also bought one small packet which is same like the one that I bought just now but after some time only I managed to finish it...
It's not the pure white milk, it's something like chocolate milk! Haha
Trying to get used with the taste because I want to have healthy bones and body!

*Is there any brand that sells milk that taste nice or not that milky? >.<

Wish to stay healthy and exercise more, more and more!
I'm super duper lazy to do exercise! Haha...
It's time to cut down on food to stop the body growing sideways!!! *arrghhhh*

Oh ya, I dont used to take breakfast previously and I heard that it's very bad for our health...
Haha...the brain will somehow function slower if we dont take breakfast! (that's why!)
Now, I'm learning to have breakfast everyday in order to be smarter! hahaha! =p

If there's a will there's a way right? :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Overestimate myself?

Hmm...I guess that I've overestimated myself... :x
The marks I've got so far for my coursework this semester is below my expectation...
Feel a little bit sad actually, but still I cant change the fact......

Sometimes, I hope that I have the superpower to change/do things that I wish to change/do like change my marks to become higher, turn back the time...etc etc......LOL...
Yeah, I love to dream bout the nonsense all the time...Haha...
But everything starts from a dream right? Hahaha...


Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello =p

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!
I was wondering why everyone posted that in Facebook today and I just realise the actual day to celebrate is today! Haha...I thought it was yesterday! >.<

As i said, I am having tuition free week this week....but still...it's like my tuition not free week...
Got to attend a subject's class for 3 days continuously + 2 assignments due next week!
Haha...again? the assignments due again?! Lol...
That's life of a student!
Many people told me to enjoy being a student and I will know how fun it is for being a student after I'm working in the future!

Nothing special happen lately...I eat sleep eat sleep the most... :p
Hmm...to earn some money or to get back my time?
Not much money but at least it is money to help me to save some, in the same time,energy and time got to be sacrifice...
Nah, that's why I'm having dilemma... x.x
Haha...it's kinda confusing i know...

By the way,

the photo taken with See Ee & Meicy on 4/9/2011 =)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bye Bye Holidays ='(

Hello Hello!
I'm here again!
this Raya break seems like CNY break for us! Lol...
Relatives coming back from outstations, overseas and we have gathering here and there!
Yeah, lots of fun and happy moments! Hehe...Enjoyed the whole week!

Gonna enjoy my last day of holiday today then everything will be back to normal tomorrow......
1 assignment due & 1 test this coming week =S
Jia You Jia You! :p

Oh ya, I've completed the course/workshop I've attended. ^^
It's music thingy and I knew some friends from different places and different backgrounds...
Hope that I'll be start using it as soon as possible :D (but before that, lot's of preparation need to be done first!)