Sunday, October 7, 2012

Summary of June-September

Henna by Emily (June) 
Parents Day Dinner~ (June)
Look who's cooking? (June)
Lol! My first try-(fried bihun)!>.<'''
Turns out kinda ugly but still acceptable!Hahaha
Cameron Trip =) (June)
Twins in the house~ The boy~
 Twins in the house~ The girl
Jasper in the house
0730 Birthday Celebration (July)
Koh Lipe (August-Raya Break)
Koh Lipe
He looks like being forced to take photo with me! LOL
FaceTime with the Boy~ 
Walk For Sight&Sound 2012
Meicy's Birthday Celebration (September)
Drying the clothes in the house because of the continuous rainy days...
The cutie pie~ (September) 
The killers (Oct)  

LOL...I'm getting lazier and lazier to update my blog...
I was thinking to stop blogging or maybe update few times a year! Hah! 0.0'''
Anyway, will try my best to update while I still have the semangat!... =)
***This is a nice Taiwan Drama! Watch it!!! ^^

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